Antibody Test

Price: $95

(Please note, the $95 cost is not covered by insurance)

The $95 fee is the only charge and it covers everything related to the antibody test, including:

  • Safe drive-through service (max. wait time in line: 10 minutes)

  • COVID-19  antibody test & lab fees (fingerstick test, validated by two labs, ours and a major medical center in Beverly Hills)

  • Results sent to your email within four hours after your test:

    • a photo of your test kit if the result is positive

    • explanation of the test results interpreted by one of our doctors

This test can tell you if you already had the COVID-19 virus and possibly already cleared it from your system. The presence of antibodies can also signal some level of immunity to the virus in the next few months.

When is the earliest appointment?

Please select the product and see the availability in the scheduling calendar.


When are the results ready?

We will email you the results within four hours after your test with a photo attached.

Is your test reliable?

Faulty antibody tests have flooded the markets in the last month. Despite the huge demand from our patients, our office held off on offering any antibody tests until we could purchase test kits that are trusted and proven to be accurate. The test we have sourced and now using has been validated by several labs in Los Angeles. These same test kits are now being used in the ER division of several large medical centers.

How much does this service cost?



Where is the location?

The drive-through testing has to be approached from the corner of Olympic and Spaulding.

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